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Extra amp's and Philicorda's

EL3720 EL5000 EL5440


AG9000 AG9004 AG9005

AG9006 AG9007 AG9008

AG9009 AG9011 AG9013

AG9014 AG9015 AG9016


The data of the EL6910 echo unit I got from EKADEK (

EL6910 EL6911

Philips organs PHILICORDA

AG7500 AG7600 22GM751

22GM752 22GM753 22GM754

22GM755 22GM758 22GM760

22GM761 22GM762

An unknown Philips amplifier:

Front view.

Rightside view.

Rear view.

Leftside view.

Pre amp. Pots and elco's.

Pre-amp. without tubes.

Inside the amplifier.

The schematic diagram of this unknown Philips type amplifier.

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